Welcome to Catherine’s Orchestra For All

Catherine’s Orchestra For All aids Music Education Programs in Wilson County, Tennessee.

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:
1. To provide instruments, whether new or repaired, to students who want to be a member of the music program but may not be able to afford it;
2. To provide instrument repair, lessons, and other services that may benefit the student in the music program;
3. To provide scholarships to participate in the High School music program, based on a specific set of criteria;
4. To assist the Wilson County Music Programs in ways that will add to the enrichment of the program or students.

Here’s why music programs are important for every family:

1. Schools with music programs have an estimated 90.2% graduation rate and 93.9% attendance rate compared to schools without music education, which average 72.9% graduation and 84.9% attendance.
2. Regardless of socioeconomic status or school district, students (3rd graders) who participate in high-quality music programs score higher on reading and spelling tests.
3. A Stanford study shows that music engages areas of the brain which are involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating events in our memory.
4. Much like expert technical skills, mastery in arts and humanities is closely correlated to a greater understanding of language components.
5. Young children who take music lessons show different brain development and improved memory over the course of a year, compared to children who do not receive musical training.
6. Children who study music tend to have larger vocabularies and more advanced reading skills than their peers who do not participate in music lessons.
7. Children with learning disabilities or dyslexia who tend to lose focus with more noise could benefit greatly from music lessons.
8. Music programs are constantly in danger of being cut from shrinking school budgets even though they’re proven to improve academics.
9. Children who study a musical instrument are more likely to excel in all of their studies, work better in teams, have enhanced critical thinking skills, stay in school, and pursue further education.
10. In the past, secondary students who participated in a music group at school reported the lowest lifetime and current use of all substances (tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs).

“Music education opens doors that help children pass from school into the world around them – a world of work, culture, intellectual activity, and human involvement. The future of our nation depends on providing our children with a complete education that includes music.” – Gerald Ford, Former President of the United States

“The research is clear and undisputed: students who study music perform better overall. Music study enhances other academic studies through the intrinsic development of creative thinking, problem solving, and language skills.” – Dr. Richard Nickerson

“Music students are engaged, focused, happy, excited to come to school, and feel like they have a family that they can relate to in their school setting. We see a correlation between music participation and ACT scores and grade point averages in graduation rates.” – Laurie Schell

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